Venue : Tech Day Tokyo 2017

Date : 2017.11.22

Location : TKP Shinagawa Conference Center

“Tele Work” is the key term that is already popular among enterprises in Japan. Rsupport is the key provider of tools that enables it.

Learn more about what Rsupport offers, how we do it, success stories, and WebRTC based technology.

  • Access office’s PC from outside with RemoteView.
  • Collaborate with other offices with RemoteMeeting.
  • Assist PC/mobile remotely from/to anywhere with RemoteCall.

  1. 2018 Roadmap : next years plan for Rsupport’s new technology.
  2. Remote solution success stories : connection with Google glasses, large insurance companies and more.
  3. Web conferencing : introduce RemoteMeeting using WebRTC.



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