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Design your own YouTube live broadcast. RemoteStudio

RemoteStudio allows you to easily and quickly transmit YouTube and RTMP live broadcasting without expensive broadcasting equipment or studio rental.

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Is the live broadcast too difficult
and complicated?

Suddenly, your boss asks you to review a live broadcast,
you want to try a live online lecture for the students, or a live product introduction online, RemoteStudio offers the solution for live broadcasting, all-in-one place.

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There is no need to hire a professional studio or expensive broadcast equipment.

In order to live broadcast, it required expensive equipment, professional knowledge or renting a professional studio. However, RemoteStudio provides technologies used in professional broadcasting such as chroma key, face tracking, subtitles, and banners. Experience professional broadcasting from a Chrome browser without complicated equipments.

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RemoteStudio does not require the installation of OBS or any other programs.

Normally, you need to add the source after installing OBS S/W and other plug-ins for live broadcasting. With RemoteStudio, just subscribe and start your
own high-quality broadcasting from Chrome browser and creating a scene like a PowerPoint slide.

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