Screen recording & video editing

liteCam is an easy-to-use screen recorder. Create professional looking videos without the hassle.

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Demonstrate your point with a video

From demonstrations, recording gameplay or online classes, liteCam offers an easy to use interface with quick editing tools to help create the best video.

Display your work

Share or upload your videos with ease, so your viewers can watch anywhere, anytime.

Video editing simplified with liteCam

Personalize your liteCam videos with our convenient and useful editing features to help enhance and create high-quality videos.

liteCam HD

liteCam HD is a dedicated computer screen recording software that allows you to record anything on a computer screen in HD quality.
Just drag your mouse to define the recording area and the audio setting to record the sound coming from the computer automatically. With its easy and intuitive user interface, liteCam HD helps anyone make videos.

* Supports Windows Vista or higher versions

liteCam Android

liteCam Android lets you record the screen on your Android device without routing. Just link your smartphone and computer with a USB cable, and voila! You are ready to record. You can record everything you see on a smartphone or tablet such as mobile games, movies, videos or internet lectures.

* Supports Windows Vista or higher versions

liteCam HD+Android

liteCam HD +Android is a recording program that consolidates liteCam HD and liteCam Android. This is the only product that allows you to record a computer screen as well as smartphone and tablet screens.
With LiteCam HD +Android, you can record unlimited videos in any environment. Enjoy a new video life with LiteCam HD + Android.

* Supports Windows Vista or higher versions