• 24 2011/02

    RSUPPORT enters European mobile support market

    2011-02-24 | expertREVIEWS | View original article

    Tablets and smartphones, or more specifically their
    operating systems, may seem straightforward to the
    tech-literate early adopters. However, at present
    smartphones still make a relatively small segment of total
    mobile phone sales. If that market is to expand to its full
    potential, and therefore include less tech-savvy users,
    such devices are going to need technical support on a par
    with PCs and laptops.

  • 22 2011/02

    RSUPPORT brings remote support to Android and Windows Mobile

    2011-02-22 | IncisiveMedia | View original article

    The demand from enterprises for low cost, reliable
    support of smartphones and tablets is set to increase
    as the capabilities of these devices continue to grow,
    and employees expect to use popular models like the
    HTC Desire or iPad for work purposes. But the
    complexity and application flexibility of these devices
    raises questions over how best to support them should
    something go wrong.