• 26 2015/01

    RSUPPORT supplies a remote control solution to Huawei

    2015-01-26 | Whowired Korea | View original article

    RSUPPORT has signed a supply deal with Hauwei for
    RemoteCall + mobile pack and technology development
    cooperation. RSUPPORT and Hauwei have jointly
    developed a host of features to save the cost in
    consumer management and to enhance consumer
    satisfaction, and they have agreed to further service
    expansion into Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa.

  • 16 2015/01

    RSUPPORT tops Asian IoT remote support app market

    2015-01-16 | Whowired Korea | View original article

    As the new era of IoT dawns, RSUPPORT is getting
    noticed, with a wide range of products being used by
    over 6,000 companies across the world. RSUPPORT
    currently has the highest market share in Asia with the
    only remote support products compatible with both
    iOS and Android systems.

  • 29 2014/12

    Mobizen is a fresh “control your smartphone through the desktop” alternative to Airdroid

    2014-12-29 | PhoneArena | View original article

    If you’re seeking an alternative to the popular AirDroid,
    or just started looking for a solution to easily control
    your smartphone and tablet through your desktop PC,
    you should check out Mobizen. It’s a web-based piece
    of software that lets you control your mobile device
    with an easy, desktop-like user experience.

  • 19 2014/11

    Mobizen: a Korean “Trojan horse” that’s helping mobile gamers share their skills

    2014-11-19 | Tech in Asia | View original article

    Mobizen, a consumer-focused spin-off app from Korean
    remote enterprise solutions provider RSUPPORT, is
    changing the way gamers go about sharing their
    gameplay. Mobizen is an Android app that makes it
    much easier for your mobile phone and your computer
    to play together, and it has a lot of useful features,
    but there’s one in particular that stands out:
    it allows you to record HD videos of your screen to a PC
    or to your phone’s hard drive at the push of a button,
    without the need to root your phone.