Rsupport continues to contribute to various social projects in hoping to make the world a better place.

Support for International Children’s Aid Foundation

RSUPPORT finalized a business agreement with Korea Compassion International, an international children’s aid foundation, to provide remote computing technology. Korea Compassion International is now able to provide a variety of remote computing support to its sponsors and volunteers, including remote PCs and remote mobile apps running on the solutions provided by RSUPPORT.

*Compassion International is an international children’s aid foundation founded in 1952 by Reverend Everett Swanson to help children who have been orphaned by war in South Korea, and is dedicated to the long-term development of children living in poverty in 26 different underdeveloped countries by matching them one-on-one with patrons. The organization now provides aid to more than 1.35 million children.

Support for International Relief/Development Organizations

RSUPPORT finalized a business agreement with Good Neighbors to provide remote computing services to Good Neighbors. Good Neighbors is now able to access PCs and smartphones of its customers for when they experience technical glitches while making contributions online, and provide remote PC management support to its internal staff and international field offices.

* Established in 1991 in Korea, Good Neighbors is an international charity and development nongovernmental organization with 52 field offices in South Korea, 30 overseas field offices and three fundraising bureaus that are implementing a variety of humanitarian and development projects.

Support for Socially Underprivileged Groups

RSUPPORT finalized an agreement with Beautiful Store, a leading social enterprise in South Korea, to provide its products and donate the personal items of its employees, who also volunteer as temporary staff for the store. RSupport will continue to maintain a solid partnership with Beautiful Store while actively participating in activities to promote the spirit of “sharing and recycling,” thereby fulfilling its duty as a socially responsible corporate citizen.

* Beautiful Store, which was established in 2002 with the opening of the Anguk Store in Seoul, is the country’s leading social enterprise, and runs 117 stores nationwide. Beautiful Store makes an effort to spread the spirit of common goods by engaging in various activities, including the sale of donated items, design of recycled products and the distribution of common goods products.

Environmental Preservation

Carbonless Support, the company’s trademarked slogan for environmental protection through which it intends to actively participate in green growth, is a worldwide initiative to solve the global environmental dilemma. RSUPPORT is contributing to the reduction of CO2 gases emitted while moving to provide customer support and telecommuting by developing the technologies required to understand remote support or a remote work environment.
Rsupport is donating a portion of its revenue to the World Resources Institute (WRI) in effort to participate in the environmental movement along with our customers. In addition, RSUPPORT is donating its products to environmental organizations, thereby helping them accelerate their work flow.

Improvement of living quality through improvement of a work environment

RSUPPORT’s products in the remote support and remote control segment help create a work environment in which employees can work from anywhere, any time. Through such capabilities, employees can balance their work and personal life. Rsupport’s employees are successfully maintaining a balance between work and personal life by relying on the company’s remote support and remote control services. Rsupport is supporting employee’s to develop their work capabilities through the provisions of a personalized business capability development program as well as external education programs. Want to join Rsupport? We are open to anyone filled with passion and an innovative spirit.