Requirements for resellers

A RSUPPORT’s reseller must meet the requirements.

The reseller must meet the business standards required by RSUPPORT and is obliged to submit relevant documents accordingly.

The reseller is evaluated annually by the distributor and, in the best performance,
with the operating rights of the Partner Program, the Reseller’s category can be upgraded and receive more benefits.

Apply to become a Rsupport Reseller?

Item Description Silver Gold Platinum
Partner PG operating rights Reseller must agree to the terms and requirements. O O O
Partner profile Provide company information, business and market report. O O O
Credit report Provide partner/reseller credit report. O O O
Annual business plan Provide the annual business plan detailing the sales/profit and marketing goals. O O O
Monthly sales report Provide monthly sales report on distributor’s template. O O O
Opportunity report to distributor Provide opportunity report on distributor’s template (unlisted item will be excluded for rebate) O O O
Promote RSUPPORT List RSUPPORT on company’s website (logo, information and partner related requirements) O O O
Sales manager Assign a dedicated product sales manager 1 or more 2 or more 3 or more
Technical support manager Assign a dedicated technical support manager
(Platinum must include resource for maintenance)
1 or more 2 or more 3 or more
Sales training Receive sales training from the distributor about the product. O O O
Sales performance Category is re-evaluated depending on the first year’s performance. By country By country By country

Benefits for resellers by category

Type Item Description Silver Gold Platinum
General Profit from sales Profit rates for all RSUPPORT’s products O O O
Webinars, events and workshops Events for resellers and partners (gifts, prizes, etc.) O O
Best partner award Bonus for best performance reseller O O O
Sales ASP account for sales Demo ASP account for sales purpose O O O
ASP account for customer’s demo Demo ASP account for customers (limited) O O O
Sales tools / material Provides sales kit, use cases and other materials needed for sales. O O O
Technical tools / material Provides technical kit and other materials needed for technical operation and deployment.
Sales consulting Provides sales consulting from RSUPPORT’s sales team O O
Project collaboration Mutual sales and marketing goal O
Marketing Use of logo, branding Allows the use of RSUPPORT’s logo and branding O O O
Partner listing on RSUPPORTwebsite Introduce as RSUPPORT’s reseller on the main website O O O
Support marketing collaboration Plan and execute mutual marketing strategy O O
Press release Press release the partnership with the reseller O O
Training Regular sales training Regular sales training to the reseller
※ performed by the distributor
1/year 2/year
Regular technical training Regular technical training to the reseller
※ performed by the distributor
1/year 2/year
Technical Access to RSUPPORT’s helpdesk Report channel for technical issue O O O
Dedicated technical support agent Assign a dedicated technical agent for support O O
Research Participate in R&D Create roadmap reflecting reseller’s feedback O
Financial Support for seminars and marketing expense Offer marketing incentives O

※ RSUPPORT reserves the right to adjust the benefits and Distributors might adjust the terms after RSUPPORT’s review.