mobile auto test solution

Automated Mobile Testing Service, TAAS

With the introduction of automation solutions, TAAS makes it easy and simple to test mobile devices automatically.

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We have lowered the entry barriers.

Forget about complex and difficult test automation solutions that depend on developers or coding.
Even if you are not an expert, you can write test scripts and perform tests if you can operate a mobile device.


We help to improve the quality of your mobile app.

Leave it to TAAS for repetitive and multi-device tests. All tests performed can be tracked through the website to view the results.


We offer more value than the price.

Use it for different scenarios.
– Perform performance comparison tests under the same conditions as competing products. Benchmarking is now simpler.
– Perform functional tests through schedules. You can check for service failures and network loads.



This tool generates test scripts based on the user gesture input to the device.
Non-expert users can easily and quickly create and manage test scripts.

* Supports Mac OS, Windows, Linux


This web service manages all the processes performed by the TAAS service.
Track the life cycle of your test project all from a single place and track faults and bugs.

Managing devices becomes a simpler task.

* We recommend browsers with the latest version.


This mobile app runs the test scripts deployed on each device and collects results. It has the ability to test the device on its own without the need of USB connection to PC or server. This means that any device you own can be used as a test device.

* Supports Android 4.2+ (iOS is coming soon)