There are no more limitations to remotely accessing and controlling your pc, not even geographical location.
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RemoteView mobile access

What kind of Smartphone do you have? iPhone, iPad, Android phone etc. You can use any of these different kinds of Smartphone to access and control your PC remotely. Using RemoteView Mobile, you can save much time.

  • Free Mobile App

    Free mobile application is provided via iTunes and Android market with all the features and performance of PC version.

  • Scales remote desktops for mobile device displays

    Enjoy the same display as a 20 inch monitor scaled down to smartphone's screen. Zoom in/out with yourfinger to easily navigate through.

  • The world’s fastest mobile remote control tool

    Using the Rsupport's VRVD 5.0 engine, remote connection via smartphone is fast and reliable.

  • Strong security with end-to-end encryption

    Secure connection is assured with 2 phase log in, SSL communication and control access by IP and MAC.

  • Convenient and user friendly interface

    User friendly UI is optimized for small mobile devices with features such as virtual wheels (Android), virtual keyboard, easy shortcut keys.

Supported devices

Remote Control
(Mouse / Keyboard)
Screen color(bit)High colors (16 bits) / 256 colors (8 bits) / 4 colors (2 bits)
Transfer modeCompression method
File transferOOX
System RebootOOO
Operating SystemiOS 4.3 or lateriOS 3.2 or laterAndroid 2.1 or later, Resolution: 480 x 800 or higher
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